Supreme Court eliminates corruption! (by defining it out of existence)

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June 30, 2016
The Intercept
by Jon Schwarz  
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"Back in 2010, the majority held in Citizens United that corruption should be defined only as straightforward bribes. Do big donors to 'independent' Super PACs get a receipt saying 'Received: $5 Million in Return for Cutting Your Taxes?' No? Then according to the decision, the donation did 'not lead to, or create the appearance of, quid pro quo corruption,' and that's all that matters. Now in the unanimous McDonnell decision, the Court held that a lower court's interpretation of quid pro quo defined the quo too broadly, because for McDonnell to run interference for his generous donors with state officials didn't actually qualify as an 'official decision.' In other words, the Court first decided in 2010 that only out-and-out bribes matter, and now it has decided that only a carefully defined subset of bribes qualify." (06/29/16)  

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