The Jo Cox MP shooting was a natural

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June 16, 2016
Posted in The Inter-Rationale

Guest piece by Nic Leobold

After British Labour MP Jo Cox was gunned down and stabbed in Northern England social media and the press went wild with earnest emotional outpourings of sadness and outrage.

But should we really be surprised that a member of a violent oppressive organization such as British Labour Party would be targeted for violence?

If anything, Jo Cox should have known better and fully expected to be the target of backlashes after British Labour Party has inflicted untold violence, oppression, and authoritarianism on the British people.

"Blowback," a phenomenon first described by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), tells us that when a party or agent inflicts massive violence and suffering on a target or population, there is usually going to be retaliation consisting of violence in kind.

This is what happened to MP Jo Cox. Simply put, she aligned herself with a violent oppressive organization, the British Labour Party, which was inflicting massive violence on the people of Great Britain, and she suffered retaliation and "blowback" as a result.

The old saying "What Goes Around, Comes Around" usually holds true. As governments and politicians become ever more violent, authoritarian, and viciously greedy for our money and our lives, we can expect many more Jo Coxes, and maybe that's not such a bad or unjust thing.


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