Trump lawyers: Suppress publication of deposition video so our client can be president

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June 14, 2016
San Diego Union-Tribune    
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"Lawyers for Donald Trump say there is 'no legitimate reason' to release videos of the businessman testifying at a deposition in one of two class-action lawsuits filed against his real estate investing program, Trump University. A terse, four-page motion filed Monday in federal court in San Diego is aimed at blocking lawyers for the plaintiffs from putting into the court records excerpts from videotaped depositions Trump gave in the case .... The motion focuses on legal arguments against releasing the videos, noting that transcripts of the depositions are already available, and arguing that seeking the release of the video is an 'obvious attempt' to create prejudice against Trump. ... Lawyers for the plaintiffs who are seeking to release the videos said that they contain 'many spontaneous and ad hominem remarks that are not reflected in the paper transcript' of Trump's testimony." (06/14/16)  

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