The Keynesian model is not a “big government” model

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May 4, 2016
by Scott Sumner  
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"Before getting into this post, let me remind you of previous pointless debates, such as whether 'Islam' is 'really' a this or that sort of religion. I hope my readers can see the pointlessness of those debates. Similarly, I do understand that many Keynesians, and also many anti-Keynesians, think that Keynesianism is a sort of big government ideology, at least when compared to new classical economics, monetarism, Austrianism, etc. So there is a sense in which the title of this post is wrong. If Keynesians act as if their model has big government implications, then in a sense it does. So what do I mean by the title of the post? I mean that the technical aspects of the model have no big government implications, and that people who claim otherwise are simply using bad logic." (05/04/16)  

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  • dL

    economic growth is the big government model. It is undeniable that capitalism spawns a sprawling bureaucracy. Whether the regime is keynes or chicago or whatever, the government grows w/ the economy…

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