Ragnar Frisch: The first Nobel laureate chosen over Mises

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April 13, 2016
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Karl-Friedrich Israel  
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"We cannot know what the committee's reasons and motivations were behind awarding the prize in 1974 to Hayek, but it is obvious that Hayek, as a free market economist, was the exception among the first recipients. Mises would have been too, and possibly more so. All other recipients prior to Hayek, and also Gunnar Myrdal who won the prize jointly with Hayek, were advocates of economic planning, and had to a greater or lesser degree contributed to the transformation of economics into a quantitative-mathematical discipline designed after the natural sciences. A case in point is the first recipient of the Nobel Prize in 1969, Norwegian economist Ragnar Frisch (1895–1973) -- the first economist chosen over Mises." (04/13/16)


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