The Iran deal bears some fruit

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March 17, 2016
Cato Institute
by Doug Bandow  
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"Iranians have seemed to vindicate the Obama administration’s decision to try diplomacy after years of confrontation with the Islamic republic by electing moderate reformers. The most important objective with the nuclear agreement was to stop movement toward a nuclear weapon. There never was any reason to believe the GOP hawks who argued that the U.S. need only maintain sanctions while huffing and puffing a little more to make Tehran surrender to American dictates. When Washington rejected previous Iranian overtures Tehran added centrifuges. The deal was struck because it was a deal, which meant Iran’s government received benefits too. So far the agreement has pushed Tehran back from developing nuclear weapons and triggered a stronger fight for reform in Iran. That’s a much better start than many observers expected. The accord ended any potential nuclear weapons program for now. And so far Tehran is living up to the accord." (03/17/16)  

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