2AM News: The week in review January 9-15

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January 16, 2011
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Commentaries on Why not gun control for the government?, The myth of an American “gun culture”, Open Carry: The children’s book, The curious case of the walking M-16s and the Arizona shooting ( Blame Arizona shooting on the shooter,Restricting freedom after Tucson shooting will galvanize gun owners,More attacks on liberty, Blame everyone but the shooter, The lone gunman theory of legislation, Why we shouldn’t disarm crazy people, You can’t legislate away crazy, The latest shootings in America: An English view, What happens now?, A shadow on the Second Amendment, In defense of inflamed rhetoric)

Self defense stories from Nevada, Florida (3), Texas, Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ohio....
in other news, Poll: Most say stricter gun laws would not help prevent shootings, New Hampshire GOP leaders hail gun OK in capitol, Congress readies new gun-control bills after Giffords shooting, In Tucson, guns have a broad constituency, and McCarthy milks Arizona shooting for new victim disarmament mileage.

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