Religious right pandering on gay rights

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December 16, 2015
The American Conservative
by Rod Dreher  
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"Scott Shackford at Reason blasts Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for the way they're going after social conservative voters on the issue. He points out that Cruz, who has been working this beat for a while now, and Rubio are telling Christian voters that they will work to roll back same-sex marriage, including the Obergefell ruling. The truth is, they will not do this, or if they try, they have no hope of succeeding. There is no meaningful constituency for it. As a socially conservative Christian, I may not like it, but same-sex marriage is here to stay. Our side lost this battle in the culture war." [editor's note: Obviously I disagree with Dreher on which side was right in the last battle, but he's pretty perceptive on where things are going next - TLK] (12/16/15)  


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