Rubio would trash Equal Protection Clause

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December 16, 2015
by Timothy J Taylor  
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"In this day and age, who seriously believes that the constitution allows white people to pass laws mandating segregation of the races in public schools? What politician in his right mind today would promise to bring racial segregation and Jim Crow laws back? Yet that is precisely what social conservatives like Marco Rubio once believed. That was during the dark ages of U.S. history before the civil rights movement. It appears that Mr. Rubio, and many, if not most, of the other GOP social conservatives, have failed to learn the American history lesson that constitutional equal protection of the law is supposed to protect us all. They've not given up in their bigoted crusade to deny equal marriage rights to gays. Marco Rubio in particular doesn't think that battle is quite over just yet despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans would disagree." (12/15/15)  

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