Chalk one up for the good guys!

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January 9, 2011
The Libertarian Enterprise
by William Stone III  
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"As many of you know by now, the last 24 hours have been extremely harsh on Shaun Lee. It would have been considerably harsher, had it not been for the combined, spontaneous efforts of libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and freedom-lovers around the world. .... I can't give you the full details, because I don't know them all. I can only tell you my part of the story as I participated in it 'on the ground.'" (01/09/11)  
  • Very well done!
    This is the first I heard about this incident and commend all those involved for being able to handle this round – and I agree that there is more to come – with the reality-distorting husband and father-in-law of Shaun Lee. She definitely used her brains by quickly making use of her computer line to the outside world to reach those with whom she had a mutually respectful relationship. And William you put it all down so well that it read like an adventure story, which it really was, though one I'm sure you'd all not want to repeat.

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