KY: ACLU claims Davis is altering marriage licenses

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September 22, 2015
Washington Post    
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"It’s only been a week since Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage license to gay couples [sic], returned to work. But she is already the target of a new court filing, this one alleging that altered marriage licenses issued from the office of the defiant clerk are humiliating and possibly invalid. ... lawyers asked that Bunning order the county clerk's office to reissue the confiscated licenses and stop Davis from interfering. If she does so again, they say, marriage licensing duties should be reassigned from the clerk's office to a receivership, allowing another person or institution to oversee the process and ensure that licenses are legal." [editor's note: She wasn't jailed for "refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples." She refused to issue, or allow her deputies to issue, or quit so that someone else could issue, marriage licenses to ANYONE. And, the near religious quality of the ACLU's reverence for license formatting is just as weird. It's like saying that if there's a typo on a driver's license, that guy tooling down the road in the car isn't actually driving - TLK] (09/22/15)  

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