Privatizing perversion

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January 5, 2011
by Becky Akers  
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"[L]ast November, Rep. John 'the Toupee' Mica (R-FL) sent a letter to some 200 airports. He advised them to 'opt out' -- not from their porno-scanners, but from the TSA. And not from its atrocities or control, but only from its employees. Mica exhorted his correspondents to hire 'private' screeners instead. As if that would change anything whatever, including taxpayers’ footing the bill for their own abuse: whether private or public hands paw us, we’re on the hook for the $7 billion annual bill. Yet the Toupee and many airports’ managers pretend that 'privatization' will improve 'passenger service.'" (01/06/11)  

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