The GOP vs. libertarianism: How the party jettisoned Ayn Rand for corporate fascism

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August 28, 2015
by Conor Lynch  
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"Not too long ago, it seemed like the Grand Old Party was set to become an increasingly welcome place for libertarianism. After years of enthusiastic Ron Paul presidential campaigns, his son Rand, a bit less hardline than his father, was for many people the most exciting candidate of 2016. For hopeful libertarians, the GOP was a pathway to the mainstream, and the success of the Kentucky Senator would determine how ready the party was to embrace the fringe ideology. If I were a libertarian today, I would be seriously questioning that earlier optimism. Rand Paul's sinking poll numbers have been well documented, and currently, he barely registers in the top ten. Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who is way ahead of everyone, is quite possibly the least libertarian of all the GOP candidates (except maybe Chris Christie, who called the bill of rights 'hot air')." (08/27/15)  

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