No turkey cold enough

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January 4, 2011
The Weekly Standard
by William Kristol  
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"I've seen no plausible plan that would enable us to go 'cold turkey' (to use [Michele Bachmann's] term) fast enough or dramatically enough that we could reduce the deficit to zero in a few months -- which is what would be required if Congress were not to authorize an increase in the debt ceiling. If Michele Bachmann has such a plan, she should share it with us." [editor's note: I'm shocked -- shocked -- to hear the neocons screaming like stuck pigs at the prospect of an end to "borrow and borrow, spend and spend, elect an ... er, bomb and bomb" - TLK] (01/03/11)  

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  • Shut down the "defense" department. Do it this year. Who is going to invade an armed America??

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