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January 2, 2011
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We bid farewell this week to Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, who died December 21. Rest in peace.

Commentaries on Bradley Manning (One soldier who really did “defend our freedom”,Who will free Bradley Manning?) Silencing Siobhan, NY Post treats libertarian activist as loony pothead, Our lickspittle press, Almost everything is a crime in America now, Ten New Year’s re-solutions for non-violent rebellion, New Years Revolutions (not a typo), Aaron Zelman, RIP, State lawlessness on the rampage, Chicago’s torture cop awaits his sentence, 2011: A brave new dystopia, Wikileaks may spawn new “sedition act” and more!

In the news,Activists clash with Japan whalers in Southern Ocean, China cracks down on porn, Single tip now lands you terrorism watch list, Man protests molestation at Richmond airport, is arrested, NC honor student suspended & charged for “weapon” in lunchbox, Delaware Judge says cops can’t track with GPS, NH GOP seeks to expand deadly force law, Maine Couple follows “calling” to sell medical marijuana, NH Town fights for one of its own (“Free Bird” takes on new meaning) , Effectiveness of airport scanners questioned, Texas Man crusades against speed traps and Dutch arrest 12 on suspicion of terrorism

A happy New Year to all ... may 2011 issue in a new decade of peace, prosperity and freedom.

Tiil next week

For freedom

Mary Lou


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