The thalidomide tragedy sows the seeds of the secret

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January 2, 2011
Liberty For All
by Mary J. Ruwart  
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"The deadly secret behind soaring pharmaceutical prices stems from this difference in viewpoint, which culminated in the passage of the 1962 Kefauver-Harris Amendments to the Food and Drug Act. Senator Kefauver introduced these amendments into Congress in 1959, where they languished until the European thalidomide tragedy." (01/02/11)  
  • guynoir

    I'm currently reading "The Truth Wears Off," from 9/18/10 New Yorker where significant results in all areas of scientific research, not just drug trials, are shown to diminish or be actually unrepeatable over time, it's fascinating:
    So "effective" has become a word with very little meaning, it seems.

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