US Homeland Security chief arrives in Afghanistan

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December 30, 2010
Philadelphia Inquirer    
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"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (neh-pahl-ih-TAN'-oh) has arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan, to spend New Year's Eve with U.S. troops and the Homeland Security officers who have been working with the Afghan government to try to secure that country's porous borders from militants, as well as weapons and drug smugglers. The department said in a statement that Napolitano will meet with top American and Afghan officials before traveling to the Persian Gulf state of Qatar (GUH'-tur), then to Israel and Belgium." (12/30/10)

  • Warren

    Guess Afghanistan is the "Homeland" in "Homeland Security". Or maybe "Homeland" means anywhere on the planet. Then why not just call it the "Department of Planetary Security"?

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