What do anarchists want?

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December 30, 2010
by Brian Palmer  
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"What, exactly, do anarchists want? It's easier to say what they don't want. Unlike other political movements that define themselves by what they support — like republicanism, fascism, or monarchism — anarchism is defined by what it rejects. Namely, any authority that's imposed from above. Instead of a formal state with police and laws, anarchists envision a society in which small groups govern themselves by consensus. The functions that we now associate with the government, like mail, defense, and education, would be handled on a cooperative basis." (12/29/10)



  • paulwakfer

    More total misconception of the essence of anarchy, showing total unawareness of the existence of libertarian market anarchists and one more example showing that market anarchists are very foolish to brand themselves with that label.

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