Security theater: Protester lands aircraft on Capitol grounds. Gov-thugs: “Muh airspace!”

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April 16, 2015
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"A mailman from Florida wanted to make a big, bold point about the corruption that results from money in politics. So Doug Hughes boarded a small personal aircraft called a "gyrocopter" and flew an hour from Maryland into restricted airspace over Washington and landed on the West Lawn of the Capitol building. In tote: letters for every member of Congress urging them to reform campaign finance laws. Hughes caused a melee Wednesday afternoon when he flew his gyrocopter, undetected by NORAD, to the nation's capitol. U.S. Capitol Police converged as he landed, and the White House said President Barack Obama was briefed on the situation. It was a bizarre incident that riveted the city and shut down the U.S. Capitol for part of the day." [editor's note: No, HE didn't "cause a melee." Nor did he "shut down the US Capitol." Panic-prone political class drama queens did both those things - TLK] (04/15/15)  

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