The problem of the imperfect Pauls

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March 2, 2015
The Libertarian Republic
by Avens O'Brien  
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"Rand Paul is not his father. There are some things he's better on, there are some things he may be worse on. Of course, it depends on your perspective. Rand has said he's not a Libertarian, and he's catered to the far right more than I am generally comfortable with. I realize he's not perfect. I understand also that politics is a game, and that he's got to play within the rules to win his party's nomination. I do want that. As much as I've called him out for various ideological differences, I still think the country is benefitted greatly by his voice being amplified, even elected. Within libertarian circles, the opinions are mixed, but they're often tremendously black-or-white. You apparently cannot have a middle-ground opinion on either man." (03/02/15)  

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