2AM News:The week in review December 19-25

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December 26, 2010
Second Amemdment News Digest    
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Commentaries on Giving up rights for security in Chicago: A total failure , the positive history of guns, Violent crime stays down as more Washingtonians are packing and Make Bill of Rights Day America’s anti-politician day.

Self defense stories from California, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida (2), Kansas and New Mexico ....in other news, Canada: Gun enthusiasts vs. RCMP over Chinese rifle, Disarming the toy box, NJ Governor commutes Brian Aitken’s sentence, Freed, gun owner Brian Aitken wants to clear his name. California Businesses increasingly welcoming openly carried firearms, IL: Blogger gets 33 months for threatening Chicago judges, and ATF to require multiple sales reports of long guns

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