Call me Saruman

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December 22, 2010
Nolan Chart
by CS Milsted, Jr.  
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"The cause of liberty is too important to fight with half my brain tied behind my back. No longer shall I constrain myself to narrow axioms or walk the Path of Praxeology. Nay, I shall unleash the primitive parts of my brain: patriotism, practicality and generosity. If this leads me to the Dark Side or to building an evil tower filled with Uruk Hai, so what? The cost is sunk." [editor's note: Yawn ... What's new here? This is the same crap you've been peddling for at least five years, Carl. What makes you think cheesing it up with some Lord of the Rings babble makes it any more saleable? - TLK] (12/21/10)  

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