Invading Pakistan? The worst idea yet

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December 21, 2010
The Nation Blog
by Robert Dreyfuss  
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"Two good reporters for the New York Times ... write today that the United States is preparing for send troops across the border into Pakistan in pursuit of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and any other bad guys they can find. If there’s a worse idea, I don't know what it is. ... Like President Nixon’s decision to expand the war in Vietnam into Cambodia in pursuit of alleged Viet Cong 'sanctuaries' -- a decision that hugely destabilized Cambodia and led to millions of deaths -- a policy of attacking Pakistan would destabilize that country, too, and serve only to push the sanctuaries deeper into Pakistan." [editor's note: Viet Nam/Afghanistan = Cambodia/Pakistan ... the analogy is just frickin' eerie! - SAT] (12/21/10)  

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