Will California’s next top cop support legal pot?

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October 13, 2014
San Francisco Chronicle
by Debra J. Saunders  
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"Practically everyone expects Attorney General Kamala Harris to win re-election handily in November. The Democrat won 53 percent of the vote in a crowded June primary. A rising star expected to ascend someday to the governorship, or perhaps a U.S. Senate seat, Harris has won the endorsement of major newspapers. She’s such an attractive candidate that... President Obama had to apologize last year for calling her 'by far the best-looking attorney general' in the country. And yet Harris faces two unusual obstacles in the November runoff. One is Ron Gold, a never-elected Republican attorney from Los Angeles, running for office on a shoestring. The other hurdle is the fact that Gold supports legalizing marijuana for recreational use, while Harris has been opposed. " (10/10/14)


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