RRND/FND 4th Quarter Fundraiser Update, 12/20

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December 20, 2010
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Latest fundraiser stats:

Goal: $800
Current total: $549

Thanks to $50 and $5 "one-time" contributors BC and NR, new subscribing contributor DC, and subscribing contributors ADR and ES for the $70 kick over the weekend!

And a long weekend it's been: This will be the first "full" edition of the new Rational Review News Digest, and we're also working on improving the web edition of Freedom News Daily over at ISIL (patience, folks -- we don't control that web site). As with anything new, there are kinks to work out and new things to learn, but we're very happy to be delivering more content, across more formats, with better presentation, than ever before.

We're three days from our 8th birthday, and $251 from our fundraising goal. Barring worldwide cataclysm, we'll reach the first; please help us reach the second by the same time!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review

PS: "One-time" donors of $50 (or more) get a signed first edition copy of Bill Branon's Let Us Prey. For your convenience, here's a $50 "one-time" contribution link:


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