Obama is president. Peace protests, RIP

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September 25, 2014
San Francisco Chronicle
by Debra J. Saunders  
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"Where are the peaceniks? Why aren’t they marching on Market Street to protest President Obama’s use of military force in Syria and Iraq? The Chronicle’s Kevin Fagan interviewed peace activists who told him that their ranks are numb, in part because America has been at war for more than a decade. Some even wonder if the Islamic State is so barbaric as to merit air strikes. 'People are war-weary and have already been very disappointed in President Obama for some time,' Peaceworkers Executive Director David Hartsough said. That’s right; they’re disappointed. After GOP President George W. Bush sent U.S. troops into Iraq with congressional authorization in 2002, activists took to the streets, but after a Democrat ordered air strikes over Syria without explicit authorization, they’ve been subdued. ... I understand. Partisans on both sides of the aisle like to think that if they were in charge, the world would be a safer place." (09/24/14)


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