IA: Pol admits Paul campaign bribed him

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August 28, 2014
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"A former Iowa state senator who abandoned then-presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to endorse Ron Paul a week before the 2012 Iowa caucuses has pleaded guilty to 'concealing payments' from Paul’s campaign in exchange for his support, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday. In December 2011, state senator Kent Sorenson, then the Iowa chairman for Bachmann’s campaign, made a surprise announcement that he had switched his endorsement to Paul. At the time, Sorenson said he made the decision based on his support for Paul’s policies, but this week he admitted to accepting tens of thousands of dollars from the Paul campaign as part of the deal. According to a DOJ release, 'from October to December 2011, he met and secretly negotiated with a second political campaign to switch his support to that second campaign in exchange for concealed payments that amounted to $73,000.'" (08/27/14)


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