Libertarians need less strategy — and more principle!

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December 18, 2010
Self-Sovereign Individual Project
by Paul Wakfer  
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"I can only wonder where are the principled people of action today -- the Paul Reveres and the Patrick Henrys ('Give me liberty or give me death!')? In fact, as of the date of this article I know of no other website, libertarian or otherwise, which has removed donation links to PayPal and/or credit cards in support of WikiLeaks. This lack of inaction to implement strong ostracism of all companies refusing to provide services to WikiLeaks makes it very clear that among those calling themselves libertarian, particularly among the free marketers and Miseans who still retain their Amazon links, the principled are damned few and far between at the present time!" (12/17/10)  

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  • Much easier to enter comments in this new format. Very good, Tom!
    Can a preview be worked out? Would be nice & help prevent many published errors.

    Comments to Paul's article can also be done at MoreLife Yahoo for those who have identified themselves to me/Paul and use their full name in posts. Tom's reply to part of this article is now there and will be responded to by Paul shortly.

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