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March 1, 2014
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Last week, we had major site problems at Rational Review News Digest. I'm not absolutely certain, but it may have been a coordinated attack. Among the issues (far from the only one) were huge numbers of spam comments. That's why I briefly shut down commenting completely -- I just couldn't keep up with the spam.

After quite a bit of thought, I decided to ditch IntenseDebate in favor of Disqus for commenting on and discussing  RRND posts. I've used both systems (and continue to use IntenseDebate on some other sites), but I think Disqus is a better fit for RRND. It features multiple login options (Disqus, Facebook, Google, etc.) and "guest" commenting without login, and seems to do a much better job of fighting off spam commenting.

If you have a moment, comment on this story so that we can test the new system out! Note: There are no comment hooks on RRND's front page -- you'll have to actually click on the post title to load it as its own page before commenting).

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review News Digest

  • Testing, testing …

  • John

    Looks like a good idea, I’ve seen Disqus in use on other sites and agree it seems like a good fit for RRND

  • JdL

    I like Disqus; hope it works well for RRND.

  • MamaLiberty

    “…you’ll have to actually click on the post title to load it as its own page before commenting.”

    Well, except that the “comment” link does appear on the main page – which makes me happy. Evidently, clicking the “comment” link loads the individual item page, which is just fine. But how about another link to return so one can see the rest of the items? :) Other than that, disqus is just fine.

    Mama…. always crabbing about the details. :)

    • Mama,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “main page.” Our “front page” is …

      … and I don’t see comment links on the articles there. Do you?

      • MamaLiberty

        It’s strange… In the “News” section main page, the first item (
        Ukraine: “Russians occupy” Crimea airports) has a disqus comment link, all of the following items say “comments off.” Clicking on the next story to go to the RRND individual page for it… “comments are closed” there too.

        So…. when do we get working comment links again? :)

        • Mama,

          You have working comments link now — just not on older stories. The story you clicked on was from Friday, and was the first story that Disqus comments were activated on.

          • MamaLiberty

            Ok, Roger that. I always try to read RRND too early.

  • MamaLiberty

    Ok, I didn’t scroll back up before I made the crack about a return link to the front page… I see the whole menu on top now. Not really a big deal to scroll down and find one’s place again. :)

  • JdL

    A comment on the posting about Yellen and Bitcoin ( ):

    editor’s note: Manchin is the drooling moron who’s calling for Bitcoin to be “banned.” As for Yellen, it’s refreshing to see a central banker acknowledge limits to authority!

    I’m not sure Yellen is “acknowledging limits to authority”; she’s just saying that SHE doesn’t have the authority to meddle in Bitcoin. I feel quite sure that what she means to convey, and is effectively conveying, is that Congress should do the meddling. I expect this to happen very soon. Manchin is without doubt a drooling moron, as you say, but unfortunately he’s joined by 534 other drooling morons in the House and Senate (Ron Paul having retired), and about the only thing they can be counted on doing is whatever the wrong thing is. I.E., whatever most restricts liberty in America.

    • I was wondering why your comment posted here — I see it’s because comments are closed on that story. Sorry about that. I had to take some pretty bizarre actions to stem the flow of comment spam last week and apparently closing comments became permanent on old articles.

      You may be right about Yellen’s intent. Fortunately Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are inherently about as reponsive to regulation by Congress as the waves were to instruction by King Canute.

      • JdL

        Fortunately Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are inherently about as responsive to regulation by Congress as the waves were to instruction by King Canute.

        I hope you’re right!

  • Steve Trinward

    Hideho! Just posting to see if’n I kin …

  • Downsize DC

    Disqus is much appreciated.

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