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April 25, 2013
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If you subscribe to the email edition of RRND (if you don't you should -- there's a form in the sidebar), you'll notice next week that your daily editions start arriving at a different time of day. That time of day isn't completely nailed down yet, but it will probably be late morning, US Eastern time.

Over the years we've changed up our schedule a few times, for various reasons. This time the reasons are:

  • Because I'm getting old and don't always want to be up until midnight any more;
  • Because some of our editors prefer to enter their content later in the evening (our current publication times mean that either they have to hurry to keep up with me, or I have to wait on them);
  • Because late morning publication will make most of our content "fresher" (at present, I enter most content from "my" sources in the morning, which means they were published the day before; and then it's the next morning before most people read the email; now that morning entry will immediately precede email publication); and
  • Because with the other editors posting drafts in the evening and me finishing up in the morning, I can get a smoother "mix" in terms of story order, instead of stuff being published largely in edit0r-centric blocs.

Obviously if this doesn't turn out well, we'll go back to a late evening publication schedule.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
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