Don’t leave the house

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April 21, 2013
The American Prospect
by EJ Graff  
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"At 5:30 a.m., we awakened to the ping of texts from friends around the country asking if we were okay. That’s how we learned that the Arsenal Mall in Watertown -- the town a mile away where I lived for 20 years and the mall where we do our house and garden and video-game shopping—is crawling with SWAT teams, snipers, FBI, and that our house is on lockdown. I live now in a pretty busy Cambridge neighborhood, with the sound -- rom one and a half blocks away -- of Fresh Pond Parkway’s steady traffic as the usual background hum. The elementary school across the street is usually buzzing with squealing children. But this morning the only sounds were sirens, helicopters, and spring birdsong." &91;editor's note: My only concern is how little Ms. Graff seems to focus on the easy with which Martial Law was declared, how readily the sheeple scuttled to comply ... and how the only reason they caught the kid was one citizen who went out for a walk around his house and saw the boat-cover flapping! - SAT] (04/19/13)  

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