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March 14, 2013
In These Times
by Chris Lehmann  
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"Paul Krugman, a Nobelist at Princeton who knows a thing or two [sic] about how budgets and economies work, contended that the long-term debt of the United States was of no great immediate concern and that, so long as demand remained slack and the labor market sluggish, federal deficit spending was a sensible way to promote growth. For Scarborough, Krugman’s unexceptional explanation of basic Keynesian macroeconomics was a heretical thoughtcrime. After the show, Scarborough briskly took to his Politico column to announce that Krugman had defied 'conventional wisdom across the Western world.'" [editor's note: I've got little use for Scarborough, but Krugman's still either a crass manipulator or a total moron, no matter what this fool says - SAT] (03/14/13)  

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