Bingeing on food porn

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March 13, 2013
In These Times
by Susan J. Douglas  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"I’m not sure if our country has the sickest relationship to food on the planet, but we must come close. A TV ad for giant burgers, with fat and ketchup dripping slowly down the side of a bun, will be followed in a few minutes by an ad for Ultra Slim Fast. Women are policed by an impossible ideal of thinness and yet urged to eat a carton of ice cream when their boyfriend (and, yes, it’s always a boyfriend) breaks up with them. Advertisers equate fatty and sugar-laden food with having fun, making friends, rewarding oneself and, indeed, even having ersatz sex -- while public health officials say eat more carrots and celery." (03/13/13)  

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