Fed agency kills family pets, endangered species

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March 13, 2013
Fox News    
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"It was an August morning two years ago when Maggie, a spry, 7-year-old border collie, slipped through the backyard fence of her family's suburban Oregon home. Minutes later, she was dead -- her neck snapped by a body-gripping trap set by the U.S. government less than 50 feet from the home she shared with the four children who loved her. ... Maggie’s death at a minimum was one of hundreds of accidental killings of pets over the last decade acknowledged by Wildlife Services, a little-known branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that is tasked with destroying animals seen as threats to people, agriculture and the environment. Critics [say] the government’s taxpayer-funded Predator Control program and its killing methods are random -- and at times, illegal." (03/13/13)


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