Less dangerous targets

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March 12, 2013
by Butler Shaffer  
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"The established order is desperately fighting for its survival against the individualizing and decentralizing energies that are causing vertical structures of force to collapse into horizontal networks of mutual connectedness. Its frantic efforts will intensify into an expansion of warfare, police brutality, surveillance, assassinations, imprisonment without trial, torture, and whatever other tools of violence it deems useful for maintaining its power over the rest of us. There is no level of theatrics, propaganda disguised as 'news,' contrived threats or disasters, or other means that will not be used to reinforce the collective mindset. One need only watch films of Hitler’s harangues to stadiums filled with tens of thousands of men and women caught up in the fervor of a frenzied, mob mentality to see such powerful dynamics in action." (03/12/13)


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