Iraq: Eight killed

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February 14, 2013
Global Times [Chinese state media]    
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"In Iraq's northern province of Nineveh, a bodyguard of the Iraqi parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, and his brother, a policeman, were shot dead at dawn when gunmen stormed their house .... two policemen were killed and a third wounded when three roadside bombs exploded simultaneously near their patrol in the town of Shora .... gunmen in a car attacked a security checkpoint manned by Awakening Council group members .... The clash resulted in the killing of two of the group members, while one of the attackers was killed and two wounded .... wo roadside bombs went off near a truck carrying farmers near the city of Dujail, some 60 km north of Baghdad, killing a farmer and wounding seven others ..." (02/15/13)  

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