How MSN warps and twists the news to fit an agenda

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January 10, 2013
The Libertarian Enterprise
by Neale Osborn  
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"Note: Feedback works. Since I published a version of this on NewsVine, an on-line 'news' site owned by MSN, the phrase 'Trigger-happy' has beed edited OUT of the story. I'm pissed. I read this headline today on MSN, and I thought 'The poor lady must have been chasing a drunk in the wrong house, winging rounds all over the place, for THAT headline!''Trigger-happy Atlanta mom shoots intruder in the face 5 times' .... I am SO damn sick and tired of deliberately slanted stories designed to make self defense with a gun the sign of a dangerous idiot." (01/07/13)  
  • jonjayray

    No link to the MSN story?

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