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The shocking secret behind Obamacare enrollment numbers

April 17, 2014
Cato Institute Cato Institute
by Michael F. Cannon  
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"Barack Obama wants you to know he enrolled 7.5 million Americans through Obamacare’s health insurance Exchanges. What he doesn’t want you to know is how. Federal courts may soon rule that President Obama induced the majority of those enrollees to enroll by offering them taxpayer dollars he has no legal authority to spend." (04/16/14)  

Israeli arrest of Arab citizen over Lebanon visit angers rights groups

April 17, 2014
Los Angeles Times    
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"An Arab Israeli citizen was arrested on charges of visiting an enemy state after the man returned from a trip to Lebanon, the Israeli government announced. The April 12 detention of Majd Kayyal, 23, described as a freelance journalist and Web editor for a group that advocates for the Arab minority in Israel, angered human rights groups and others who have pushed to liberalize travel rules to neighboring Arab countries that Israel has labeled enemy states." (04/17/14)  

Urban design and social complexity

April 17, 2014
Sandy Ikeda Foundation for Economic Education
by Sandy Ikeda  
Posted in Commentary

"One of my heroes is the urbanist Jane Jacobs, who taught me to appreciate the importance for entrepreneurial development of how public spaces -- places where you expect to encounter strangers -- are designed. And I learned from her that the more precise and comprehensive your image of a city is, the less likely that the place you’re imagining really is a city. Jacobs grasped as well as any Austrian economist that complex social orders such as cities aren’t deliberately created and that they can’t be." (04/17/14)  

Antiquated law adds billions to fuel costs

April 17, 2014
Independent Institute Independent Institute
by William F. Shughart II  
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"An obscure 1920 law is costing Americans billions of dollars a year in higher fuel costs. The Jones Act requires that cargo shipped from one US port to another be carried on a US-registered vessel, built, owned and crewed by Americans. This protectionist law was designed to support a shipbuilding industry that no longer exists—but inertia and labor-union muscle keep it on the books." (04/16/14)  

Ukraine: Three killed in clash at military base

April 17, 2014
Fox News    
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"Ukraine's Interior Minister in Kiev." (04/17/14)  

The case for voluntary private cooperation

April 17, 2014
Foundation for Economic Education Foundation for Economic Education
by Michael Munger  
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"To start with, the argument for liberty is not an argument for 'markets.' The market vs. State dichotomy was dreamed up by German sociologists in the nineteenth century. Don’t buy into that dichotomy; it’s a rhetorical straitjacket, and in any case it's not our best argument. The question is how best to achieve the myriad benefits of voluntary private cooperation, or VPC. Markets are part of that, a useful way of achieving prosperity, but a variety of other emergent social arrangements -- more properly viewed under the rubric 'society' -- are also crucial for prosperity." (04/16/14)  

The duty to lie to stupid voters

April 17, 2014
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Jason Brennan  
Posted in Commentary

"Politicians routinely lie to voters. Some such politicians act badly and should be held accountable for their lies. But might lying be obligatory or praiseworthy in some circumstances? The duty to tell the truth is not unconditional. Rather, it’s a presumptive duty, one that can be trumped or overridden in certain circumstances, or one that might not apply in special circumstances." (04/16/14)  

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