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Canada: Harper dissolves Parliament, calls early poll

August 2, 2015
Voice of America [US state media]    
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"Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper dissolved parliament Sunday and set an election for October 19. Harper and his Conservative party are seeking a fourth term in office after nearly a decade in power. But they will face a tough campaign against the opposition New Democrat party and its leader, Tom Mulcair, as the country struggles to cope with a declining economy and the global plunge in the price of oil, a major Canadian export." (08/02/15)  

Still won’t stand with Rand

August 2, 2015
Abigail Hall Independent Institute
by Abigail Hall  
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"Last week I published a piece on Rand Paul. In particular, I argued that Paul or any other 'libertarian' political figure would not generate the changes desired by those who value liberty. The responses to this post have been numerous. Many people agree with me. For others, it's as though I backhanded their mothers in suggesting that Rand Paul isn't the savior of America or its politics. I'd like to offer some additional reflections on a possible 'President Paul' or any other libertarian or free market candidate and address some of the more frequent comments and questions regarding the piece." (08/01/15)  

The future of warfare

August 2, 2015
A Geek With Guns
by Christopher Burg  
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"There are two common predictions regarding the future of warfare. First, the arms race between military powers necessitates a continuous adoption of improving technologies. Second, the focus will increasingly be on attacking your opponents technology as opposed to their soldiers. TrackingPoint, an optical system that automates almost all of the previously specialized knowledge usually required to accurately hit a target at long distances with a rifle, is an example of this. Such a system could greatly increase the accuracy of the average soldier while cutting training costs. Militaries that adopt such technology would have a distinct advantage over those that didn't." (07/31/15)  

Two takeaways from Samuel DuBose’s killing

August 2, 2015
Cato Institute Cato Institute
by Matthew Feeney  
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"There are two key takeaways from Samuel DuBose's unnecessary and tragic death at the hands of University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing: 1) body cameras can play a crucial role in police misconduct investigations, and 2) even police officers wearing body cameras can behave poorly." (07/31/15)  

The sharing economy creates growth, so let it!

August 2, 2015
Students For Liberty Students For Liberty
by Elias Garcia  
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"It has been seven years since the Great Recession ended, but the economy today still struggles to show that it has recovered. While politicians continue to look around for solutions to the dismal state of the world economy, they have conveniently ignored the largest engine for economic growth, entrepreneurship." (07/30/15)  

The KN@PP Stir Podcast, 08/02/15

August 2, 2015
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In this episode: No Thanks For Not Asking!; Fifteen months out and the 2016 presidential election cycle is already weird, trite and overhyped; Gulf War anniversary/apology; What I'm Doing and Why You Should Help Me Do It." (08/02/15)  

First, do no harm

August 2, 2015
Paul Jacob Common Sense
by Paul Jacob  
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"I wish Annette Bosworth were my doctor. Since she lives and practices medicine more than 1300 miles away, in South Dakota, that's not to be. Sadly, the question to be answered, officially, is whether Dr. Bosworth will be permitted to provide medical care to anyone in her state. Following convictions on 12 felony counts pertaining to petitions she circulated, the South Dakota Medical Board has asked Bosworth to surrender her license." (07/31/15)  

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