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September 2, 2014
Liberty Unbound Liberty Unbound
by Russell Hasan  
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"Advances in technology bring great joy. But they also bring danger, especially when the advancement of politics lags far behind. Einstein’s work revolutionized physics; it also led to the nuclear bomb and the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Similarly, I fear that the rise of computer technology, in the hands of a dictator, could lead to 'techno-fascism.' The dictator would not need spies, because cameras and sensors, analyzed by computers, would detect all traces of resistance, and tell the secret police exactly where to go to crush rebellion before it started. Under all dictatorships of the past, rebels could meet in secret, make plans, and try to revolt, because spies could not be everywhere. Now they can be." (08/30/14)  

How the west drove Russia into Ukraine

September 2, 2014
spiked spiked
by Tim Black  
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"The mainstream story of the conflict in Ukraine is mind-meltingly simple: it was Russia wot dunnit. Since the fall of its Russian puppet of a president, Viktor Yanukovych, Russia has ceaselessly and relentlessly pursued a policy of military aggression against Ukraine. It really is that simple. Everything that is happening in Ukraine, from the displacement of over 300,000 people, to the killing of 2,500 more, is the fault of Russia and its chest-beating throwback of a president, Vladimir Putin." (09/02/14)  

What happens when the state fixes your mind

September 2, 2014
Robert P. Murphy Liberty Chat
by Robert P. Murphy  
Posted in Commentary

"In the debate over the Affordable Care Act (aka the ACA aka 'ObamaCare'), one of the undercurrents is the claim that critics Straitjacketsare being 'paranoid' for bringing up things like 'death panels' (prompting Paul Krugman to use the term as a laugh line). On the contrary, the people who don’t see any danger in giving the government life-and-death power in the health care sector are being quite naive. The threat isn’t merely hypothetical, either. Here I’ll review two shocking episodes of U.S. (and Canadian) 20th century history, to show what can happen when doctors from the government decide you have an unhealthy mind, and the gruesome steps they are willing to take to 'fix' it." (09/01/14)  

Notes on the law and ethics of intervention

September 2, 2014
Bleeding Heart Libertarians Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Fernano Teson  
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"The terrible events in Iraq have revived calls for intervention even among those who opposed the 2003 war, and even among some with anti-interventionist sentiments generally. Here I simply wish to lay down, as briefly as a post allows, the status questions in the academic literature on humanitarian intervention and tentatively suggest how it may apply to the events in Iraq." (09/01/14)  

How the EPA is undermining cooperative federalism under the Clean Air Act

September 2, 2014
Competitive Enterprise Institute Competitive Enterprise Institute
by William Yeatman  
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"For most of the Clean Air Act’s history, states and the EPA have worked well together. However, during the Obama administration, there has been a marked shift away from harmonious relations between these co-sovereigns. This transition from cooperative to combative federalism has led to some serious problems for the nation’s air quality policy ..." (09/02/14)  

Mali: Four UN troops killed in explosion

September 2, 2014
The Daily Star [Lebanon]    
Posted in News

"Four United Nations peacekeepers were killed Tuesday when their truck was blown up in Mali, security sources told AFP, casting a shadow over the restart of peace talks between the west African state and rebel militias. The incident comes a day after negotiations began between the government and six armed rebel groups in the Algerian capital aimed at clinching a lasting peace agreement in the restive, deeply-divided nation." (09/02/14)  

In Ancapistan, if you get shot, it was voluntary

September 2, 2014
Gene Callahan La Bocca Della Verita
by Gene Callahan  
Posted in Commentary

"Rob and George recently graduated from Hillsdale College and State U., respectively. They have been friends since childhood, and decide they will move near each other in Vermont so they can continue their friendship. But they have different political views, so while George picks the small town of Statesburg, Rob chooses to move to the private community of Ancapsville. Rob feels sure his choice is morally superior to that of George, and tries to convince him that this is so. Their dialogues on this point go something like this ..." (09/01/14)  

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