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Screwed by seniors

February 27, 2015
Veronique de Rugy Reason
by Veronique de Rugy  
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"Remember Occupy Wall Street, when thousands across the country took to the streets, sleeping in tents to protest the ultra-rich 1 percent? The occupiers' frustration was real, but their ire was misdirected. They should have launched an Occupy the AARP movement instead. Government policies that transfer cash from the relatively young and poor to the relatively old and wealthy are the real scandal." (for publication 03/15)  

UK: Leaked document reveals attempt to recruit North Korean spy

February 27, 2015
Knoxville Times    
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"British spy agency MI6 wanted to recruit a North Korean asset with the help of South Africa to collect top-secret information on the secretive communist country's nuclear programme, according to a series of leaked diplomatic cables. The spy agency offered a potential asset a 'long term clandestine relationship in return for payment' but never heard back from him after a first meeting to discuss the possibility of working for MI6 also known as Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)." (02/26/15)  

Freedom Feens, 02/26/15

February 27, 2015
Freedom Feens
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"Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean have a laid-back yet spirited show about Libertarians Against Humanity, and hacking 'MUH ROADS!'" (02/26/15)  

The great LA gambit

February 27, 2015
Show-Me Institute Show-Me Institute
by Michael Rathbone  
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"The battle for the L.A. market is joined! According to NBCSanDiego, the Chargers are working with the Oakland Raiders. Their goal: a new stadium in the L.A. area (Carson, California, to be precise). Of course, their home cities can talk them out of it, for the right price. It's not shocking that teams other than the Rams might want to move to Los Angeles. L.A. is the country's second largest media market, and with that comes a lot of TV money. However, still color me skeptical about the whole thing. I think (and I'm not alone) this is more of a ruse for the Chargers and the Raiders to extract sweetheart stadium deals from their home cities." (02/26/15)  

Thoughts on left libertarianism

February 27, 2015
Libertarian Alliance Libertarian Alliance
by Paul Marks  
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Spanking is always unnecessary, part 3: Hurting themselves or others

February 27, 2015
Skyler J Collins Everything Voluntary
by Skyler J Collins  
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"It might seem logical to cause a child pain in order to teach him what pain feels like, so that he'll refrain from hurting himself or others. Unfortunately, when a caretaker intentionally hurts his child, he's doing far more than teaching him what pain feels like, as well as ignoring the alternatives to teaching him to be safe and to keep his hands to himself. I'll explore both scenarios to see why spanking is unnecessary." (02/26/15)  

Grievance school

February 26, 2015
National Review
by Steven F Hayward  
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"The silliest campus incidents usually don't originate from faculty in traditional or science-based fields. Instead, they come disproportionately from explicitly politicized 'studies' disciplines, activist-oriented 'centers,' or disciplines with less rigorous intellectual content, such as creative writing and communications. (The most recent example of this is the professor of communications at the University of Michigan who wrote the now-famous 'It's OK to Hate Republicans' article for In These Times.) Boulder has a women-and-gender-studies program that proudly advertised its rough equivalent of Ward Churchill, an 'activist-in-residence' who is a community organizer without academic credentials of any kind." (02/26/15)  

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