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ObamaCare will devour your pay raise

September 22, 2014
John R. Graham Independent Institute
by John R. Graham  
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"Mercer’s latest National Survey of Employer Sponsored Health Plans finds that the cost of employer-based benefits will jump significantly in 2015. ... One important change that employers are making is moving towards consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs), coupled with Health Savings Accounts or Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Currently, 6 percent of large employers offer only CDHPs. Within three years, 20 percent of employers anticipate that they will have fully replaced their traditional health insurance with CDHPs." (09/22/14)  

Activision hires Giuliani to take on Noriega

September 22, 2014
NBC News    
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"Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is joining a video game company's legal fight against disgraced Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who is suing Activision over his inclusion in one of its popular 'Call of Duty' games. Activision Blizzard Inc. announced Monday that Giuliani and his firm will ask a Los Angeles judge to dismiss Noriega's lawsuit, which claims his likeness was used without permission in 2012's 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II.' Giuiliani told The Associated Press he took the case because he doesn't want the imprisoned Noriega to profit from his crimes, which include convictions for murder, drug trafficking and money laundering." (09/22/14)  

People over profits?

September 22, 2014
Foundation for Economic Education Foundation for Economic Education
by Gary McGath  
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"A family feud ... Two cousins, whose names differ only by a middle initial ... A business battle that captures New England’s imagination. And, most importantly, a demonstration that free markets really can be about both people and profits. It’s the story of Market Basket. The New England supermarket chain offers some of the lowest prices around. Family owned, this closely held corporation has non-union employees and loyal shoppers. Things seemed to be going fine for the chain. One day, however, the Market Basket board of directors decided to remove CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas." (09/22/14)  

Barack Obama, imperial president

September 22, 2014
A. Barton Hinkle Reason
by A. Barton Hinkle  
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"Both at home and abroad, Obama is setting a dismal new standard in executive overreach." (09/22/14)  

Breaking: US forces attack Syria

September 22, 2014    
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"The American war on ISIS has expanded into Syria tonight, with Pentagon officials issuing a brief statement claiming credit for a round of about 20 targets hit in northeastern Syria this evening. ... The Syrian government had initially expressed opposition to unilateral US strikes on their territory, even if it is territory seized by ISIS. So far there has been no statement issued by Syria on the attacks." (09/22/14)  

Minimum logic

September 22, 2014
Don Boudreaux Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux  
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"Mr Stiglitz’s argument for raising the minimum wage is flawed. The high global mobility of today’s capital that he fingers as a culprit causing stagnant wages will not in the least be reduced by a hike in the minimum wage. Instead, such a hike will only cause capital to more intently use this mobility to leave America in search of more foreign workers -- workers who would be made even more attractive to mobile capital if Uncle Sam follows Mr Stiglitz’s advice to raise the minimum wage that must be paid to American workers." (09/21/14)  

The truth about “immigration”

September 22, 2014
Kent McManigal The Libertarian Enterprise
by Kent McManigal  
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"I am against trespassing. I am also against government pretending it has authority over other people's property (which is theft). I might choose to allow people to enter my property. I might not. Where they were born doesn't figure into that at all, and certainly not whether they have State permission. If private property rights prevent individuals from going where they want to be, that is just too bad. If private property rights prevent government goons from stopping 'immigration,' that is also just too bad." (09/21/14)  

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